About us

Hoby les is a family business with a rich, more than seventy-year tradition. We have been dealing with wood since 1934. Our experience is the result of the work of four generations of joiners.
Over the years, we have become recognizable for the production of interior furniture, home furnishings and business premises, especially for the production of custom-made furnishings and furniture, and according to individual customer plans. Not only do we customize the furniture to fit your premises, we also listen to your content desires and production needs. From the demand, the preparation of the framework offer, the viewing and monitoring of your ideas, consulting, the timetable, and all the way through the assembly, we follow the satisfaction of our customers. Our team of 11 professionals and highly skilled joiners with extensive experience has ensured that the customized phrase will take on new dimensions.


In addition to the production program, six other stores (in Škofja vas, in Slovenske Konjice, Maribor, Nazarje, Šmarje pri Jelsah and Lenart in S.g.) operate with a supply of carpentry materials. We cater to all small and large masters, professional or amateur, who deal with wood. We also offer furniture from other manufacturers.


We create custom-made only for a known client. At a time when we are haunted by space and time, we want to offer our clients a complete solution of living or working spaces in combination with the latest fashion trends. Our goal is to optimally fulfill the wishes and needs of our customers. We make the most of our efforts to improve the usability of our furniture and practicality according to our customers’ habits. Short delivery times and reasonable prices are another reason to buy.

ADDRESS: Škofja vas 3b
POSTAL NUMBER: 3211 Škofja vas
VAT: SI71534709
IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 5569 559
MANAGER: Katarina Hohnjec